How we spend the money we raise

Following a fundraising event, the money raised is banked straight away. Usually decisions on how to spend the money are agreed at our committee meetings, with as many members present as possible.

Often, members of staff will get in touch prior to our meetings with details of resources or activities they would like FOES’ help to fund. For example, FOES were pleased to fund a visit to school by Jonathan Meres recently, best-selling author of ‘The World of Norm’ series of children’s books.

Occasionally FOES members make their own funding suggestions. For instance, last year we offered to pay for tickets and transport for all Year 10 students to attend a performance of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet at the Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre, ‘Europe’s first ever pop up Shakespearean theatre’. We felt this would be a unique opportunity for our students to experience a play that forms part of their GCSE syllabus in very special setting.

FOES’ funds are spent on the ‘extras’ that are not provided by the school’s budget, thus making our children’s learning experiences so much more fulfilling and exciting. They are not generally spent on improving the fabric of the school building as this is the responsibility of the school. Our Constitution commits us to spending money on things that will benefit the children directly.

We always endeavour to spend our funds in ways that will benefit all our children across all areas of the school and curriculum.

The money we raise is usually spent fairly quickly. That way, you can be sure that in supporting FOES, your child/ren will feel the benefit, along with everybody else.